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MIMIT™ (Manchester: Integrating Medicine and Innovative Technology), forms a cornerstone of Manchester Academic Health Science Centre (MAHSC) Health Technology Hub. The MAHSC partnership comprises the University of Manchester, three acute Trusts, two specialist Trusts (cancer and mental health) and a Clinical Commissioning Group.

MIMIT™ uses its unique Innovation Development Pathway (IDP™) to facilitates collaborations between clinicians, scientists, engineers and industry to develop innovative technology for patient benefit.

MIMIT™ seizes opportunities to enable clinical problems to be identified more readily and, most importantly, improve patient outcomes by bringing innovative technology developments to fruition.

MIMIT is the first international affiliate of the highly successful Center for Integrating Medicine & Innovative Technology (CIMIT®),a collaborative initiative of world-renowned academic and healthcare delivery organisations in Boston, USA

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MIMIT solution commercialised - Pelviva Pelpons now available

MIMIT funded stress incontinence project results in commercial product launch!


Introducing the world’s first easy to use and disposable pelvic floor exerciser - Pelviva Pelpons®


1 in 3 women globally suffer from bladder leaks.  New research reveals that on average 21% of women aged 25 – 54 are worried about bladder leaks when taking part in sport and exercise, with running and jumping accounting for over 50% of bladder leaks during these activities.

The experts at Pelviva have created the world’s first-ever disposable pelvic floor exercisers, called ‘pelpons®’.  Comfortable, discreet and much easier to use than anything before, Pelviva pelpons fit snugly just like tampons and their 30 minute workout is specifically designed to strengthen the muscles of the pelvic floor.  Plus they’re easily disposable after use.  For the first time, pelpons offer a real solution to the problem of bladder leaks and give hope to the millions of women who want to exercise confidently, free from embarrassing leaks. 


Pelviva pelpons® are available for sale in August 2014 from www.pelviva.com


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