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MIMIT™ (Manchester: Integrating Medicine and Innovative Technology), forms a cornerstone of Manchester Academic Health Science Centre (MAHSC) Health Technology Hub. The MAHSC partnership comprises the University of Manchester, three acute Trusts, two specialist Trusts (cancer and mental health) and a Clinical Commissioning Group.

MIMIT™ uses its unique Innovation Development Pathway (IDP™) to facilitates collaborations between clinicians, scientists, engineers and industry to develop innovative technology for patient benefit.

MIMIT™ seizes opportunities to enable clinical problems to be identified more readily and, most importantly, improve patient outcomes by bringing innovative technology developments to fruition.

MIMIT is the first international affiliate of the highly successful Center for Integrating Medicine & Innovative Technology (CIMIT®),a collaborative initiative of world-renowned academic and healthcare delivery organisations in Boston, USA

Latest news

Invitation to the GM AHSN Technology Innovation Challenge - Nutrition & Hydration - MMU and Salford

 The Greater Manchester Academic Health Science Centre Network (GMAHSN), Manchester: Integrating Medicine and Innovative Technology (MIMIT) and TRUSTECH are working together to address unmet healthcare needs in the area of ‘reducing harm and enhancing safety across Greater Manchester and beyond.' GM AHSN would like to announce a further round of awards in the research area of Nutrition and Hydration.

Two launch events have been organised:  Manchester Metropolitan University (26th September 2014 - 10:00 to 12:00) and Salford University (2nd October 2014 - 12:00 - 13:30). To book a place on either of the events, follow the instructions below:

Manchester Metropolitan University - Send an email to: andrew.dawes@manchester.ac.uk

Salford University - Visit:  http://www.eventbrite.com/e/gm-ahsn-technology-innovation-challenge-launch-event-registration-13125142655

For more information contact: philippa.peakman@manchester.ac.uk

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