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Recent Publications

Garcia, R.I., Tiwari, T., Ramos-Gomez, F., Heaton, B., Orozco, M., Rasmussen, M., Braun, P., Henshaw, M., Borrelli, B., Albino, J., Vargas, C., Diamond, C., Gebel, C., Batliner, T.,  Barker, J., Gregorich, S., & Gansky, S. (2017).  Retention strategies for health disparities preventive trials:  Findings from the Early Childhood Caries Collaborating CentersJournal of Public Health Dentistry  Dec 77(1):63-77. PMID: 27759164.

Singhal, A., & Borrelli, B. (2017). Medical and dental disparities and the role of psychological distress among US adults with mobility impairments. American Journal of Preventive Medicine. PMID 27989449

Albino, J., Tiwari, T., Gansky, S., Henshaw, M., Barker, J., Brega, A., Gregorich, S., Heaton, B., Batliner, T., Borrelli, B., Geltman, P., Kressin, N., Weintraub, J.A., Finlayson, T., Garcia, R. (2017). The Basic Research Factors Questionnaire for Studying Early Childhood Caries.  BMC Oral Health, 17(1):83 PMID28526003.

Borrelli, B., McQuaid, E.M., Tooley, E.M., Busch, A.M., Hammond, K., Becker, B. & Dunsiger, S.  (2016). Motivating Parents of Kids with Asthma to Quit Smoking:  The Effect of the Teachable Moment and Increasing Intervention Intensity Using a Longitudinal Randomized Trial Design. Addiction 111, doi: 10.111/add.13389.