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NIHR BRC research placement opportunities

Placement opportunity for nurses, midwives, pharmacists and allied health professionals to develop hands-on clinical research skills.

MIMIT Communication Strategy Survey

MIMIT is seeking a range of views from people across the institutions *  we partner with to help inform the approach we take to communications in the next 12 months. We really want to hear...

MIMIT Forum: 27 June 2017

Interested in helping solve real clinical needs? Join us at our next MIMIT Forum on 27 June 2017, 12:00-13:45, Manchester Metropolitan Business School, Room 1.22 to hear about real unmet...

2016 MIT Startup Showcase

The  2016 MIT Startup Showcase London:  How technology, analytics, and new digital experiences are changing the innovation economy will be held on  Friday 2nd...

International Academy, Research and Industry Association (IARIA) Global Health Conference 2016

Professor Oldham, MIMIT Director will be presenting at the International Academy, Research and Industry Association (IARIA) Global Health Conference 2016. This is being held in Venice, Italy...

Funding Opportunities Funding Opportunities


CMFT/MIMIT Funding Call: Use of 3D Printing and Simulation Technologies for Healthcare

This is a new call for proposals by CMFT in collaboration with MIMIT

There is increasing evidence that a number of the clinical specialties are beginning to use 3D printing and Simulation to find new ways to develop novel solutions for diagnostic devices, wearable monitors and to support training, accreditation and validation. An increasing number of research proposals are now including 3D printing using smart materials and bio‐printing for implantables and combined with simulation it is being used routinely for surgical planning, and for prototype development.

This latest CMFT/MIMIT Unmet need call is seeking to match areas of unmet clinical or diagnostic need with these new areas of technology through the award of £4k per application that will enable the applicants to work with specialist teams to develop solutions. The Trust has teamed up with Digital Innovation and the 3D Print Centre at Manchester Metropolitan University (MMU), the Digital Fabrication Centre at the University of Manchester and the Science and Technology Facilities Council at Daresbury to give our clinicians, researchers and delivery staff access to exciting new technology and facilities that will enable us to co‐develop pioneering solutions. All these facilities are in scope for this round of applications. Applications will require a CMFT staff member as a lead or as a partner.

In order to assist with the development of high-quality proposals under this scheme the MMU 3D Print Service will run two ideas generation workshops (31st October and 7th November) specifically aimed at addressing the needs of clinicians and other medical professionals.  These workshops will focus on:

  • Techniques and materials of 3D printing – from gypsum to bio printing
  • Use of MRI scans and other techniques for 3D image creation
  • Use of 3D printing and other techniques in creating new service models, greater efficiency and better patient outcomes

The workshops should assist in developing and testing ideas prior to application submission. Informal support for developing applications will also be available following workshops. The workshops  will be held on the CMFT site in Citylabs, Nelson Street, Manchester, M13 9NQ on October 31st at 08.00 and November 7th at 16.00. To attend one of these events please register at:

To apply for the call, please complete the online form, which can be found by visiting: www.surveygizmo.com/s3/3088225/3Dprinting-simulation

Alternatively a downloadable version of this is form is available from mailto:fatma.rumash@cmft.nhs.uk

The closing date for funding applications is 5pm Friday, November 25th, 2016.

For any queries regarding this call please contact fatma.rumash@cmft.nhs.uk

For further information on 3D printing see:


For further information on Simulation see:




MIMIT (Manchester: Improving Medicine with Innovation and Technology) is internationally recognised for needs-driven, technology innovation that benefits patients.

We initiate, enable and support highly effective collaboration between clinicians, leading academics and researchers as well as industry, to drive innovation on the basis of unmet healthcare need.

Through our extensive network of Site Miners embedded within NHS partner organisations and our Innovation Development PathwayTM, we prime the development of innovative solutions to ‘proof of principle’ stage.

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